The late Arthur C. Clarke’s library in Colombo (photo taken by me in 2016)

COVID-19 under an electron microscope. Source: NIAID

Image c/o NASA — teleauscultation in 1995

Weight loss vs. caloric deficit — mostly water

The innocuous little nanoparticle hero central to our story (image c/o UAB)

True reflection can only happen with a still mind

A FlowDx device being laser-etched

Opportunities for innovation in the new ‘hybrid’ healthcare system — but who ‘glues’ it all together?
  1. We would have a master global data standard, with language translations and local adaptations fit for each country or region’s health system;
  2. The owner of the data would either be the citizen or the government, depending on the political system;
  3. Private medical systems would still exist, competing on quality and experience, while the data would freely flow…

Not the reaction anyone likes to see.

Dr. Joseph Mocanu

Investing in healthcare innovation for all

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